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Our clients have worked with us not just locally, but also throughout the world—whether for individual locations or large portfolios. As a member of Exis, a global commercial real estate organization committed exclusively to representing tenants, we formalized our global platform to provide a consistent service delivery worldwide. Our member firms possess a deep understanding of their markets with a strong track record of success and a shared commitment to providing conflict-free tenant representation.


With partners based in 20 cities across four continents and growing, the organizational structure of Exis allows each member firm to maintain its independence and business agility while offering consistent quality of service internationally. Our partnered firms are all industry leaders nationally and regionally, that have a deep understanding of their markets and track record of success. With Exis, we can ensure that our clients’ real estate interests are protected almost anywhere their business takes them.


Exis is a global commercial real estate organization committed exclusively to representing tenants and end users. Founded by 16 of the world’s most respected, independent brokerage firms, we do one thing every day: Save tenants money on their real estate. While other brokerage networks cobble together scores of small firms and individual brokers in an effort to quickly create a regional or global presence, at Exis we have chosen a decidedly different path.

Our firms are all trusted leaders in their geographic areas, possessing strong track records and a deep understanding of their local markets. More importantly, we work to deliver strategic consulting and pragmatic solutions to clients, whether they’re looking to expand around the block or around the world.


  • Pure tenant advocacy with zero conflict of interest

    Over the past 20 years, consolidation in the commercial real estate industry has led to the formation of large, international conglomerates. These full-service firms proclaim that they represent both landlords and tenants, but where does their primary source of revenue come from? Landlords. So even when these firms do work with tenants, conflicts of interest often prevent them from putting the tenants’ interests first.

  • Proudly serving only tenants and end users

    Exis is a global commercial real estate organization that was formed by some of the world’s most respected and independent brokerage firms. We are united in our commitment to helping tenants and buyers make smart real estate decisions, no matter where they are located. With so much of a company’s financial well being directly tied to their real estate commitments, Exis’ sole focus is protecting our clients’ interests in their transactions for commercial space.

  • Established relationships already in place

    As an organization, Exis is committed to excellence. We are dedicated to maintaining impeccable standards for service, quality and expertise. All of our member firms are leaders in their geographic areas and possess intimate knowledge of their local markets. Exis members collaborate to deliver strategic results to clients, integrating seamlessly to offer the same level of service no matter where in the world business may take them.

  • Serving tenants large and small

    Exis tenant representation specialists proudly represent tenants and buyers of every size, in every industry. International corporations, mid-range companies, small non-profits and everything in between all receive the same exceptional service. So, whether your company has two offices or 20, you can expect consistent results and unparalleled expertise from our global tenant representation team.

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