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Diverse Tasks + Diverse Spaces = Productive Employees

Diverse Tasks + Diverse Spaces = Productive Employees

About 5 decades ago, a shift began to occur. Companies began opting in for open workspaces rather than private offices for each employee. There were some obvious benefits that open spaces boasted, thus driving adoption nationwide. An efficient use of space and a collaborative environment – seems like a no-brainer, right? Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

As more and more companies started moving into open working spaces, something interesting occurred. While collaboration may increase in an open floor plan, productivity does quite the opposite. More interruptions, higher stress levels, and more sick days have been cited as by-products of open work environments by multiple studies across the world.

Unique mixed use spacesWith collaboration and productivity equally important to a company’s bottom line, the entire “modern office” concept has changed. Businesses have begun to realize that collaboration is important for certain tasks, while isolation may be required for others. This has inspired many offices around the world to architect multiple unique spaces in a single office to accommodate their employee’s tasks.

Empathy for employees has really driven the concept of unique spaces for unique tasks into mainstream commercial real estate. By giving employees options on where to work throughout the day, you are enabling them to make the best decision for the specific task they are working on at any given time. This evolution of culture drives both productivity and collaboration for your entire organization.

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