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Partnership Access: The data, stories, and negotiation skills that matter.

Partnership Access: The data, stories, and negotiation skills that matter.

The current economy is ripe with disruption and innovation. Markets change rapidly and “sure thing” investment decisions can play out to be anything but what they look. With all of this disruption spanning across all industries it is fair to ask, do I still need a Commercial Real Estate Advisor in 2018?

Access to vital data

With the dotcom boom came increased access to listings and research for general populations. Most self-reliant business owners believe that they can scour the internet and find exactly what they are looking for. But, commercial real estate advisors add value in a variety of ways to this search. 

You have a business to run. Unless you are looking for a career change, chances are you don’t have hours to spend each day combing the plethora of listing sites out there. Your Tenant-Only Advisor does.

More times than not online listings are not the creme of the crop. Most listings do not make it to the internet and are facilitated through traditional offline channels that your broker is connected in. Having a broker that has his or her eyes and ears open in these traditional channels is essential to connect with top spaces.

What matters to you

As the tale goes there are two sides to every story. In commercial real estate, this is extremely true. When getting perspectives on leases, buildings, state of the market etc. having an experienced and tenured professional on your side is a necessity to sift through the noise.

Always Connected

Businesses don’t move all too frequently. But having a tenant only advisor is a continuous value add much past the initial move. Your advisors will keep you up to date on market knowledge, new connections, and new financial opportunities as they arise.

Negotiating skills

When you’ve dealt with hundreds of lease negotiations you pick up a few things. The finesse it takes to mold a good and fair lease is often overlooked. Advisors understand the intricacies that go into negotiations and also understand what to look out for on the fly.

All in all, the Commercial real estate advisor position is integral to all business large and small. If you would like to start a relationship with us at Coughlin we invite you to leave us a comment below!


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